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The first day I learned about the services Andrew offers, I emailed for help and got a response within 24hrs from Andrew himself. He was so willing to help so quickly! And the wig was AMAZING!!! You will not believe how fast his team works to get you what you need and fast! On a more personal note: Andrew, Thank you so very much for helping Scarlett and if you ever want to plan an event or just come visit the Outer Banks of NC…look me up through my email. With love and God Bless,

Amber & Scarlett

I wanted to drop you an email to tell you how sincerely I appreciate the great work you do to cut my wig and make me feel like I have a chance to look the best I can. Having to wear a wig still feels challenging some days, even after all these years, but with your help and talent I feel like I look better and my wigs have looked more natural than ever. To be truthful, I had kind of given up a long time ago that I could look anything more that just kind of OK in my wig- and that was on a good day 🙂 I tried to do my best and focus on other things which in the bigger picture is probably not a bad thing and maybe even a blessing in some ways. But at the same time it’s quite nice to feel like I actually can look the best I can- it is not something I expected but I am grateful for. If you can imagine- less than 10 minutes after I left your salon last week someone came up to me and complimented me on my beautiful haircut. I mentioned I had just had it cut at Facestation!

A Client

I cannot say enough about Andrew DiSimone. helped me select a lovely and flattering wig and styled it so it suited me really well. He is a blessing in the midst of a very traumatic experience and one leaves with a much lighter heart than before. Andrew gives his time, his heart to what he does. He is generous in spirit and in heart.

A Client

It is not an easy step to choose a wig when you go through chemo. But Andrew knows how to make this experience less painful. He knows how to find the words to make you feel pretty and self-confident. He also very honest and doesn’t push to buy the more expensive wig but really the one that fits you the best. I definitely recommend Face Station and Andrew DiSimone to help you to make this difficult decision. Once again he is patient, kind and sincere. Thanks for your support Andrew.


My mother is a cancer patient, and was hesitant about using a wig as a way to deal with the hair loss. But I told her that wig shopping or going some place for a wig consultation wouldn’t hurt, and that she did not have to commit to anything if she did not want to. We found Andrew DiSimone online and went in to see him right away. Andrew was kind, supportive, and he was not at all pushy about us committing to a wig right then and there. He gave us personalized attention…

A client’s daughter