How to File an Insurance Claim for a Wig

1. Get Pre-Approved: Prior to purchasing a medical wig, ask your insurance provider if they cover this expense. Ask them via email so you have a record of their response.

2. Get Coverage Amount: Ask your salon to provide you with an estimate for a human hair medical hair prothesis. Submit the estimate to your insurance provider to see how much they will cover. If they only cover synthetic hair, ask the salon for a synthetic wig estimate and re-submit it to your insurance provider for approval.

Download our wig estimates below:

» Estimate for a human hair wig

» Estimate for a synthetic hair wig

3. Find a Wig Provider: If your insurance company requires an ‘in-network provider’, ask them to make an exception and honor an ‘out-of-network provider”. That way, you can use a local provider of your choice, making it more convenient to purchase a wig and get it serviced. To use our salon, ask your insurance provider to lookup Federal Tax ID: #13-3925124 (we will be in their system).

4. Schedule Wig Consultation: Once your insurance provider approves you for a wig, you can schedule a consultation at your salon. We offer complimentary, one-hour consultations Monday to Saturday between 11:00am and 6:00pm, Sundays upon request. We are located on the second floor, no elevator. Additional consultations are $75 per hour.

5. Submit Claim: After you purchase a wig, ask your insurance provider for their Medical Claim Form #1500, or download it from their website. Fill out the form and submit the claim to your insurance provider to get reimbursed.

A list of things you’ll need:

Claim Form #1500: Ask your insurance provider for this. Download sample form.
Our Federal Tax ID: #13-3925124.
Our National Provider ID: 1992002042.
Our License #: 045279.
Procedure Code: The most commonly used codes are A9282 (synthetic wig) and L8499 (human hair wig).
Prescription: Ensure your doctor writes the Rx for a ‘Medical Hair Prosthesis’ or ‘Cranial Prosthesis” (NOT a wig), and make sure they include your diagnosis code.
Receipt for Wig: Must indicate you paid in full and show details (i.e., type of wig, total, tax, purchase date, company, address).

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