Wig FAQs

Hi, I’m Andrew, creator of Andrew DiSimone Wigs. Many of my clients have asked some really good questions about wigs and wig care. I’d like to share them with you.

If you wear your wig between 10 to 12 hours a day, you should clean it every 2 weeks. Other factors include your level of activity, do you sweat, the temperature / humidity in your environment. You, personally, are the best judge. Please see our cleaning tips for both human hair and synthetic wigs.

A. Wigs can be itchy if the hair is not attached properly, if your head is sensitive to heat, or if the wig is not cleaned well. I reduce (or remove) the itch factor by carefully attaching the hair to my ultra-thin cap by hand, and offering free wig washing to all my clients.

A. No! Wearing a wig, even for a long period of time will not damage your scalp or even prevent your hair from naturally growing underneath. As your hair grows your method of attachment may require wig clips to keep it in place. Remember to move the clip location often to prevent traction, which can cause hair loss by the clips pulling on existing hair.

A. Yes! In most cases insurance will cover part or all of it. We can help guide you through the process by providing you with a written estimate via email that you can submit for pre-approval. We suggest you call it a “medial hair prosthesis” or “cranial prosthesis”, and NOT a wig. Download our instructions »

A. A wig may last anywhere from 6-24 months, depending on how you take care of it and how frequent you wear it. You could purchase more than one wig and rotate them as you get them serviced.

A. All our wigs are hand tied, one strand at a time, for the most natural look. We can also custom alter the wig to fit the exact shape of your head for a comfortable fit. All clients have their wig styled by our salon, and recieev a free lesson showing you how to care for it.

A. No. Andrew’s wigs are only offered at our hair salon in New York, HairPlaceNYC, and a few websites such as this site and ourwigs.com. Call me if you are unsure.

A. That depends on how long you wore your hair to begin with. Hair grows on the average ½” per month, and approximately 6” per year. At the 6-12-month mark, hair extensions are usually possible. See our How to videos for Hair Extension types.

A No! There are various methods of attachment available. How you wear your wig is governed by the regrowth of your natural hair. For example, many people undergoing chemo will eventually regrow their natural hair and will therefore require an attachment method to accommodate it. We provide all the tools and equipment needed for each phase.